our story

The humble garage was not only the home to Apple or Google, but also to the first bottles of our beer. Its 2014 and in a small garage on the Masurian Colony two good friends, Leszek and Maciek, began brewing their extraordinary pilsners, stouts, grodziskie and other new wave beers. Simple “do it yourself” kit and beer-loving friends all across the country were all there was.

As Maciek and his friends were on their annual sailing trip across the Masurian lakes his beer became incredibly popular amongst all those who cared to try it. Sailors, who enjoyed the taste of it so much, began to demand more and more of that amazing product.
Finally, Maciek and Leszek decided to meet those demands. I think, that the friendly gang would not let it be otherwise. There simply had to be a brewery. A small and somewhat forgotten piece of Warmian land in Gutkowo turned out to be all they have ever dreamt of. The location just on the lake Ukiel shore obviously called for the name already.