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Czy masz skończone 18 lat?

Ukiel brewery

The House of Beer

We are a small craft brewery located in a beautiful old farmstead in Olsztyn near Lake Ukiel. We exist since 2017. Our offer includes multiple styles of beer crafted from carefully selected high quality ingredients – we strive to satisfy every beer lover’s taste. Our beers are brewed in small batches and lagered for between 2 and 6 months. You can purchase and sample them on premises. Please do come in - we will be happy to host you.


Family business

We create our beers from A to Z. The recipes are ours too. Being a family business gives us freedom and independence. We love our job and we are proud of it.

100% natural

We use only carefully selected natural ingredients, sustainably sourced and eco-friendly. We do not use preservatives or any other chemical or artificial additives. 

Being local

We value our local community. Here life is slower than in a large city. We always find time to chat to our customers. We take care of the beautiful garden surrounding the brewery — the blooming flowers and pollinating trees around our cozy pub make every day spent here a unique experience.

  • Our brewmasters

    Who is Maciek?

    Maciek is a co-founder of the brewery and its first brewmaster. Years ago, he started brewing his first beers in a garage. With time his beer gained a cult status in the local community, which convinced Maciek to leave his job and pursue his passion on a greater scale. Maciek knows the brewery like the back of his hand. Just by himself, he is able to repair anything. He loves fast cars, good rock music, tech contraptions and his cats (who you might meet strolling around the premises).

  • Our brewmasters

    Who is Kamil?

    Kamil learned the craftsmanship of beer-making in the Jan Olbracht Brewery located along the Vistula River in a charming city of Toruń. In 2018, he moved north, to Olsztyn, to join Maciek on his journey. Today, they are the backbone of the brewery giving it a sense of camaraderie. His wife, Dominika, bartends, our own, Ukiel pub. Together, they truly make a brewing family. 


Our beers

We like to keep it simple at Ukiel Brewery. So we only have one rule: we make good beer. They don’t have to be in line with the newest craft fashions, but they do have to meet our customers' expectations. We are well-aware of all those, who claim they don’t like beer. It is them that we want to show how broad the spectrum of beer flavours is — hoping we will be able to change their mind. In many cases, we have already succeeded. There is something for everyone in our beer selection. We make the iconic beer classics (pilsner, Märzen, porter or witbier) as well as new-wave crafts based on exotic hops from the United States or New Zealand.