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Czy masz skończone 18 lat?

The spirit of Warmia

There are not many places in Olsztyn, where you can still feel the magical ambience of an authentic Warmia life. Our refurbished century old houses and a historical apple orchard are just a few minutes away from the scenic Lake Ukiel. The Ukiel Brewery is located in the very heart of what used to be a historical, suburb of Gutkowo, and today is a neighbourhood in Olsztyn. Less than five minutes from our brewery, there is  Saint Lawrence Church, one of the oldest gothic churches in Warmia , as well as a row of landmark red-brick buildings, so characteristic to the regional architecture. Over 200 years ago, it was right here that Napoleon’s troops fought against Tsarist Russia. Napoleon himself is said to hold watch from the very top of Saint Lawrence Church.

At our place

The Ukiel Brewery is located in a historical Warmia farmstead. In a converted cowshed, we have our flagship pub, where you can taste our freshly brewed crafts. Or you can buy some bottles to enjoy at home. Even though we have a beer garden, when the weather permits our guests prefer to luxuriate on the grass and indulge in their favourite beer hiding away from the Polish sun in the shadow of century-old apple trees. Others, prefer to play ping-pong or tennis in our orchard. We will host any party — a family reunion, friend’s birthday or a business getaway.